Visibility on resource effectiveness for greater processing efficiency, to increase revenue and improve guest experience.

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Precise wait time and flow information is crucial in order to provide a first-class guest experience, improve capacity planning and maximize revenue.
Queues lines are the pet peeve of guests. The time spent waiting invariably comes at the top of the list of customer complaints.  The uncertainty around how long they will have to wait weighs heavily on their mind, particularly when confronted with what appears to be a lot of guest front of them.

BlipTrack help put lines in perspective. 
The BlipTrack queue and flow management solution is able to accurately measure and predict wait times, while simultaneously provide managers with data about how visitors move and use the park.


Wait times eases guest’s minds.
From a guest perspective, the solution lets the park display the wait times on screens and mobile applications. The constantly updated wait time information eliminates guesswork about how long the process will take, which help guests by reducing frustration. Guests can maximize their time in the park, giving them a more stress-free and pleasant park experience.

Early warning allows for proactive actions.
As the data are collected in real-time, the solution is able to provide early warning if ride and entrance lines become congested. This allows park managers to take proactive measures, such opening additional lines, or give way-finding to rides with shorter wait times.

Visibility to improve revenue and plan ahead.
Documentation of movement patterns is crucial to greater efficiency when planning and optimising the position of rides, retail outlets and services. By placing BlipTrack sensors at strategic points around the park, managers are provided with a cohesive picture of guest experiences—from the moment they arrive, to exiting, and everywhere in between. 


Managers can retrieve both live and historical information about specific patterns, such as walking routes, entrance and exit usage and time spent in specific areas—such as food stalls, rides, shops, restrooms and more. With this information, managers can detect and react to crowd hotspots and underused resources. They are provided with an understanding of how disruptions or changes affect standard behaviour, how to optimise each and every area to operate optimally, and how to add value of existing facilities and/or new investments.

Money is not made from people stuck standing in lines.
People standing in lines, such as at ticketing machines, entrances and rides, are not spending money on drinks, snacks, merchandise and more. An even distribution of guests throughout the park helps to reduce overall waiting times, reduce bottlenecks and ultimately increase revenues in food stalls, shops and other non-ride activities.

Decision support to scale capacity with demand.
Planning ahead and taking all necessary precautions is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to preventing bad publicity from overcrowding and alleviating harmful situations. By combining park operation with known data about guests, managers can in real-time, automatically and efficiently, scale staffing with guest attendance at the right times. By adding future expected growth, overall trends, events, holidays and more, capacity can more accurately be predicted and matched with demand for the days, weeks and months to come.


The in-house designed BlipTrack solution consists of various high-tech sensors and a sophisticated analysis platform. The solution delivers reporting capabilities with live and historical information in a web-based, intuitive user interface with compelling visualisations.

With insights and all the necessary tools to optimize operations, park managers can effectively improve revenue while maintaining a high level of customer service, with more satisfied and recurring guests as a result.

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