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How do you measure the success of a major event in a city? Does an event increase revenue? How many more people are in the city during an large-scale event? Where do they park? These are some of the questions, that you can get answered using crowd-sourced data.
Many cities use sensors to measure real-time pedestrian flow, dwell time and movement patterns. The solution provides a cohesive picture of visitor experiences and an in-depth understanding of the impact of large-scale events, such as the annual Christmas markets. It enables the managers to review how long visitors take to move from one area to another, how long they linger, and which shops they visit.

An example of installation in Salerno with WiFi/Bluetooth sensors installed during the annual Christmas event "Luci d'artista".

The solution works by placing sensors at strategic points in a specified area. The sensors detect Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones. By re-identifying devices from multiple sensors, the travel times, dwell times and movement patterns become available. The solution is non-intrusive and do not require any interaction from pedestrians. Considering that the smartphone penetration nears 80% of the mobile market, data collection from mobile devices provides hard numbers of a significant percentage of pedestrians.

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