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In view of empty public coffers, efficient personnel planning solutions are sought throughout the public sector. Overtime must be avoided and, at the same time, suitably qualified staff lined up to compensate for absences due to illness and other unplannable events. A greater number of flexible labor time models might help; however such models are often associated with considerable administrative effort. This type of scheduling is getting even more intensive since different work contracts, collective labor agreements, flexible scheduling and staff preferences must all be taken into account. Interflex has 20 years of experience with personnel logistics data applied in various workforce segments and is able to provide the public service sector with solutions for demand-oriented personnel scheduling. As an example, the Web Terminal, one of our software solutions, is a module that allows employees to update records, entering their own shift preferences, days off and vacation. High scheduling reliability as well as data protection and privacy are ensured by a precise administration of access rights. Input errors are minimized and allowances made for approvals and similar operational restrictions. Our personnel scheduling solutions create a needs-oriented shift schedule incorporating employees’ shift preferences and the information supplied by the personnel department – including applicable collective labor agreements and labor time models. This shift schedule also includes options allowing the user to modify arrangements in the event of unexpected absences.
At the press of a button, overviews and statistics on the current status of planning can be uploaded and customized.

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